Pastel Youth

A pink-socked outfit with my white bike on the way to dine with grandpa and grandma

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Milan 2018S/S Part II

With love. All photo credits: Vogue Bottega Veneta: truth: ‘optimism’ is running rampant. And what it does to the brands… not a big fan. The thing I like in this show is the suede coat. Blumarine: Awwww gorgeous! Blumarine masters the mellow colors of ‘optimism’, and adding black-and-white silk dresses for variety, it’s a perfectly […]

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Milan 2018S/S Part I

According to my previous impressions of the Fashion Months, it seemed that NY and London were the ‘weird’ ones without much classics to expect, and Milan used to be my utter favorite. Is it for the change of my taste, effect of exaggerated expectations, or really the change in the designs I do not know, […]

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London 2018S/S Part II

So here we go… Topshop Unique: denim ending is fab. Other parts are hard to comment on. Not really that unified in style. Joseph: I mean apparels from Joseph always looks super good in the shows and even better when worn outside. The style is quite unified: semi formal and shoulder pads, just like last […]

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Jacquemus Allure

I almost cried on first sight, and I’m not exaggerating. The fatal French allure– the one that makes foreigners so envious– it’s so prominent in this show. The girls with tanned legs and vulgar, undone makeup, and the earrings, and the dresses and blouses… everything are so French countryside and Southern France. The asymmetrical and […]

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London 2018S/S Part I

Same as the NY one, here are my opinions. The London shows will be divided in to two parts because of the great sum of it. Italiced ones are my favorites. Mother of Pearl: wow. Can’t believe I haven’t noticed this label. I mean it is real pretty, head (makeup) to toe. Ps it’s see […]

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NY 2018 S/S FW

It’s only scrapes of my thoughts immediately after I go through the images of the apparels, and I’ve lost some notes in a operational error. So the rest is below, and the marked ones are the shows I highly recommend you to see. Check out the ones you’re interested in, don’t take the comments too […]

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Andy Warhol

The theme of the show was “The Age of Mechanical Reproduction”. Brilliantly summarized. Andy (I was just acknowledged that his original name was Andrew Warhola) reminds me of a comment on Lolita (which I’m currently reading): subversive yet divine

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All Red Herrings

This is monumental. It’s my first real editorial (I guess, the first two are more likely to be categorized as “travel” and “personal” by those professional bloggers who actually have blog categories). Actually there should’ve been a post about the 2017 F/W fashion weeks but due to my procrastinations, it’s now too late (I mean […]

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2016 isn’t such a big year for my blog with that poor little only post hanging sloppily from its title. And I only posted it to save the pictures I took in a more memorable way. It’s not even about fashion. But 2016 is a big year for myself, though, because I finally became a […]

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